February 6, 2023

Area We Serve (Service Area)

Hello my dear resident of muzafffarpur we are very happy to say that our team is now capable to deliver all fruits and vegetable up to your home throughout the city like Paigamber Pur Kolhua, Brahmpura, Damodarpur, Bairia, Sikandarpur, Musahri, Narayanpur Anant, Kanhauli, Chandwara, Saadpur, Pokhraira, bhagwanpur, maripur, motijhile, near junction, juran chapra, saraiyaganj tower, aakhara ghat, Near MIT, chata bazar chowk, hathi chowk, near juba sahni park, bela, mithanpura, choti kalyani, aghoriya bazar, ramdyalu nagar, Gobarsahi, and other area which comes under muzaffarpur city. we are also trying to add some other area which is very close to our city.

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