January 30, 2023

Red Capsicum(lal shimla mirch)


  • Red peppers contains more than 200 percent of your daily vitamin C intake. …
  • its a great source of vitamin B6 and folate.
  • this kind of shimla mirch helps to improve healthy night vision.
  • Red bell peppers are antioxidants.
  • it very helpful to Burn more calories with red bell peppers.

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bell pepper are found in many color like green, red, yellow, orange, Bell Peppers is a great health benefits they’re packed with vitamins and low in calories  They are an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. Bell Peppers also contain a healthy dose of fiber, fol-ate, and iron. it’s eaten as row & cooked. At the initial stage every bell peppers start as green peppers but they turned in to different color as they grow up. The nutrient is especially important for pregnant women because it supports healthy fetal growth. Like B-6, fol-ate controls homo-cysteine levels, which may lower your risk for heart disease. It also might alleviate depression in some people and decrease the chances of developing certain cancers.

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